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        DVB-T SD/H.264
        DVB-T HD
        DVB-T2 FTA/CI
        ATSC converter
        ISDB-T full seg
        DVB-S2 FTA
        DVB-T2 + DVB-S2
        DVB-T2 + Portable DVD
        DVB-T2 + Home DVD
        OTT + DVB-S2
        OTT + DVB-T2
        About ABLEE

        Shenzhen Ablee Electronic Company Limited was established in 2008 and staffed with 600 skilled employees, is mainly engaged in the research, production and sales of digital audio-video products. The main product lines we owned range from series digital TV Set top box including DVB-T/T2 receiver, ATSC HD converter, ISDB-T receiver, DVB-S2 receiver to Hybrid Combo, such as DVB-T2 + DVB-S2 etc.; OTT box and those feature combo unit like Android TV Box integrated with Digital TV receiver, CAS cooperation with operator, as well.

        ABLEE has a strong R&D team with over 40 engineers and most of the technicians have been brainstormed in the professional research laboratory abroad and they have acquired rich exploitation experience in the field of digital products including audio-video products. ABLEE keeps taking the lead in the electronic industry because we not only implement strict quality control over all the production stages, but also invest tremendous resources into the research and development.

        Our annual production capacity can reach around 3,000,000 pcs. To aim at making the top class products in the market, ABLEE has built up an extremely strict quality control system, which is certified by ISO9001:2014. Over 20 qualified QA are the assurance to maintain low defect rate of products while over 100 QC on production line are our guarantee of carefulness for every procedure in every line.

        Our goal is to make ABLEE a bright brand all over the world! Meanwhile, we will help our customers improve their life styles experience. Excellent quality product, fast delivery and good after sale service are our continuous pursuit.


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